Ozitronics is a fully Australian owned business selling electronic kits and providing hardware and software design and manufacturing services. The business is run by myself, Frank Crivelli, and is located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Ozitronics has been going since October 1995 although I actually started out back in 1993.

I worked in the telecommunications industry in Australia for 21 years before starting Ozitronics. I specialise in digital, microprocessor and embedded controller system design, using mainly the Atmel 8051 and AVR series microcontrollers.

General Kit Information
All kits have been assembled and tested to prove they work. New, commercial grade components are used, not odd job lots or factory seconds. Faulty components will be replaced free of charge. Full documentation, including schematics and parts lists, is included.

Printed Circuit Boards
PCBs are routed from 1.6mm fibre glass and include a printed overlay to guide in placing components and a solder mask to aid in soldering. Wherever possible, solder pads and tracks are generally on the larger side. All PCBs are designed using Protel Schematic and Autotrax.

Mains Powered Kits
Due to their nature and function, some kits require mains power to be connected directly to the PCB. Extreme care should be taken when assembling and testing these kits. They must be placed inside a suitable box with all mains leads fully secured according to general safety standards. Mains power must be treated very carefully. You must know what you are doing before you construct these kits.

Technical Support
I have over 25 years experience in the electronics industry and have been involved in the design of a number of the kits. If you need further information or technical support please feel free to contact me.

Kit Problems
The main reason for kits not working is poor soldering or incorrect placement of components. Careful attention to these details will eliminate many problems. If, after careful checking, the kit still won't work then please contact me. I will be glad to provide whatever assistance I can.

Home: http://www.ozitronics.com