K10 - Touch/Contact Switch Price Photo Docs
Touch on, touch off type switches built onto the one PCB so you can see and explore how each type works. A battery can power the touch switch (2 contacts) but a power supply must be used for the touch plate (1 terminal) to work. High quality 12V relay rated at switching 240V/3A supplied. Uses 14011 IC.

K137 - Touch Switch with Auto Off Price Photo Docs
Control almost any electrical device with this simple touch switch. Automatically turns off a short time later, adjustable from less than a second to over a minute by simply changing a resistor.

K168 - Ultrasonic Wind Speed Meter Price Docs Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
A 'no moving parts' wind speed meter using the Doppler Effect between two 40kHz ultrasonic transducers. Uses a 2x16 LCD and PIC16F628 microcontroller (source code here). As published in the UK electronics magazine Everyday Practical Electronics, January 2003.

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