K149F - Serial Port PIC Programmer with ICSP, Assembled & Tested Price Photo Docs
K149F is the latest version of the K149 series of PIC programmers produced by DIY Electronics. It was re-designed to overcome an electrical noise problem in the K149BC programmers - a problem that was intermittent from one programmer and PC setup to another. This made it impossible to guarantee correct operation of the programmer.

The noise problem was due mainly to the PCB layout but was also affected by other factors such as the USB interface and the common sharing of the 6MHz crystal between the USB chip and the microcontroller.
In redesigning the programmer the following changes were made:

1. USB interface removed - serial port only.
2. Crystal replaced with 3-pin resonator.
3. Some current limit protection added to the Vpp supply to try and eliminate blowing up the switching transistors.
4. Extra LED added to indicate communications with the PC.
5. ICSP programming header changed to 6-pin for compatibility with K150.
6. Smaller PCB - 70 x 68mm

In all other ways K149F is electrically equivalent to K149BC. It uses the same Windows interface and the same firmware chip.

K149F is supplied fully assembled and tested.

NOTE: The 40-pin wide slot ZIF socket is not supplied with the kit and must be ordered separately if required.

Click here for latest 'Micropro' Windows software plus list of PICs supported and firmware upgrade procedure.

Some information here from Bob Axtell about ICSP programming and the PIC programmer kits. Also includes a useful tester for checking out your programmer (if required).