K43 - Relay Board for 5/10A Relay Price Photo Docs
K45 - Relay Board for 2 Miniature Relays Price Photo
Quite often the hobbyist needs to use a relay. The output of some device like a PIR has output pads for the alarm signal which must be connected to a remote switching device. Or sometimes we have a kit to test which needs a relay connected to it. To fill these needs we have made two kits which are just a relay, PCB and terminal blocks for the input/output signals. There are many relay pin-outs & drive voltages to select from. We have standardized on two 12V relays from Goodsky. Kit 43 uses a large electro-mechanical relay designed to switch 12VDC/120VAC @ 10A. Kit 45 uses two miniature 1A relays rated to switch 24VDC or 120VAC @ 1A.

K74 - PC Printer Port Relay Board Price Photo Docs
K74A -
PC Printer Port Relay Board, Assembled Price

Do you have an old PC lying around the house which absolutely no one wants? Then you can convert it into a dedicated controller. Communicate with the real world via the parallel printer port on your PC. Simply connect printer cable from computer to D25 connector on relay board. There are 8 relays each capable of switching 12VDC/240VAC. Each relay has an LED to indicate when it is operated.

Three sets of complete, stand-alone software available to control the relays:
one works under DOS so you can write your own batch files to control individual relays
- one for Windows 3.1 for users still running this operating system on older PCs.
- one for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP. Features multiple, programmable on and off times for each of the 8 relays. Times can be saved to a file. Click here and here for screen snapshots.

There is also some Linux software for this kit, written by James Cameron. You can get it here at Quozl's Open Source Work. It's toward the end of the page so keep looking!

K108 - Serial Isolated Input/Output module Price Photo Photo Photo Docs
K108A - Serial Isolated Input/Output module, Assembled Price
Designed for control and sensing applications via the serial port. Any terminal emulation software on any computer can be used to communicate with the kit directly. For example, HyperTerminal is supplied with all Windows 95/98/2000/XP systems (click here for setup information).

It features 8 relays mains rated to 250VAC 10A and 4 opto-isolated inputs. Uses pluggable type screw terminal blocks for safety and ease of connection. Supplied with case and end panel pieces (see pictures). Simple ASCII text commands to operate relays and read inputs. 12VDC operation

Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP software. Features multiple, programmable on and off times for each of the 8 relays. Times can be saved to a file. No installation required - just unzip and run the exe file.

July 2008 New Windows control software

The K108 Controller Pro software provides a more graphical user interface. It's designed to provide general purpose control and monitoring functions for the K108. Note that it is not intended to be an exact replacement for the software supplied with the K108. Freeware

'Lite' version also available here

K108U - Dual K108 Upgrade Price Photo Photo Photo Docs
This kit is an upgrade to allow 2 x K108 kits to be connected together to to provide 16 relay outputs and 6 opto-isolated inputs. It consists of two firmware ICs, two sets of front/rear panels and a short length of 2 wire cable to connect the two kits together. Click here for the K108U Windows software (dual version of the K108 software).

K140 - Telephone Switcher Mk 2 Price Photo Photo Docs
This kit connects to the telephone line and can be used to control up to four (4) relays using a tone dialling (DTMF) telephone.
Dial up your phone from anywhere in the world, enter your passwordthen turn on or off any of the relays to control devices in your house or office.

A number of user settings are available to improve the useability and security of the device:
- Password protection (up to 8 characters)
- Tamper setting
- Rings to answer
- Auto hangup time on idle
- Timed lockout if tamper setting tripped

Comes complete with a small plastic case (13x10x3cm) with silk-screened front and rear panels. Connection to the relay contacts is via pluggable 3-way screw terminals. Operates on 12VDC (12V/300mA plug pack will be fine).

K156 - Dual HI/LO Switched Relay Board PricePhoto Docs
There are many applications where you need quick availability of a relay for connection to a particular piece of apparatus. We found in developing our kits that we always needed to have a relay mounted on a PCB within arms reach. So we thought if we need it then many others probably do too.

This kit provides two 12V relays mounted on a PCB. Each relay can be operated by two inputs, marked LO and HI. As the names suggest a low on the LO input will operate the relay. Similarly a high on the HI input will also operate the relay.

Operating Voltage
Input low voltage (LO)
0 - 0.8V
Input high voltage (HI)
2.4 - 12V

The relay contacts are rated at 10A although the thickness of the PCB tracks will only handle about 5A. You can always add some wire links 'across' the tracks to switch more current.

K165 - PC Printer Port Relay Board in a plastic case PricePhoto Photo Photo Docs
This is simply a K74 kit redesigned to fit into a plastic case. Pluggable screw terminal blocks are used to bring out the relay connections external to the case.