Games & Novelties

K3 - LED Dice with Slowdown Price Photo Docs
A kit to introduce you to electronics and circuit analysis. Seven LEDs arranged like a real dice face. Push the switch and the dice rolls then slows down. Ingenious circuit design used to minimise components. Uses 14017 & 555. Box included. 9V battery operation.

K6 - Roulette LED Price Photo
Electronic game. Ten LEDs in a circle. One LED is turned on at a time to simulate the spinning of a roulette ball around the wheel. Uses voltage controlled oscillator circuit. 'Ball' gradually slows down and stops on a number. 'Ball' speed can be adjusted. Uses 9V battery.

K37M - 5 LED Multi Sequence Flasher Price
5 ultra bright LEDs flash in seven patterns. Cycle through the patterns using pushbutton switch. When you find the pattern you want operate the toggle switch to keep it flashing so long as power is applied to the board. 3V operation. Chip-On-Board PCB. Motherboard supplied to mount all components.

K52M - 5 LED Random Sequence Flasher Price Photo Docs
Very small Chip-On-Board PCB just 15mm x 8mm. 3V supply. 5 LEDs flash in sequence. Push-on switch toggles the flashing sequence on. A second push is required to turn the flashing sequence off. Ideal for model railways. Tape up two 1.5V button cells with the PCB. Spare COB PCB supplied. Good introduction to the electronics in today's toys and games. Motherboard supplied to mount all components.

K69 - Single LED Dice Price Photo
One of the most popular electronic kits ever is the LED Dice. Now we have used the popular small micro-controller, the PIC 16C54, to " roll the dice". All software code is provided with complete comments so you can learn how to program these devices for yourself.

K73 - Big PIC Clock Price Photo Docs
A 12/24 hour clock using a PIC microcontroller and BIG 2.3" (57mm) high 7-segment displays. Based on the kit published in Silicon Chip, March 2001. Fully annotated source for the PIC is available here.