Light & Laser

K8 - Light Alarm Price Photo Docs
Detects very small amounts of light and sounds the piezo alarm. Put it in your cash box or cupboard. Uses Darlington photo transistor MEL12 and 14011 IC. Educational kit.

K12 - Audio-To-Light Modulator Price Photo Docs
Introduces the Optocoupler-triac MOC3010 and triac. Complete electrical isolation between input audio signal (low voltage circuit) and output light modulation (mains supply voltage levels) is achieved.

K37M - 5 LED Multi Sequence Flasher Price
5 ultra bright LEDs flash in seven patterns. Cycle through the patterns using pushbutton switch. When you find the pattern you want operate the toggle switch to keep it flashing so long as power is applied to the board. 3V operation. Chip-On-Board PCB. Motherboard supplied to mount all components.

K52M - 5 LED Random Sequence Flasher Price Photo Docs
Very small Chip-On-Board PCB just 15mm x 8mm. 3V supply. 5 LEDs flash in sequence. Push-on switch toggles the flashing sequence on. A second push is required to turn the flashing sequence off. Ideal for model railways. Tape up two 1.5V button cells with the PCB. Spare COB PCB supplied. Good introduction to the electronics in today's toys and games. Motherboard supplied to mount all components.

K79C - Light/Dark Relay Switch PricePhoto
This is a basic relay switch which is triggered by either falling or rising light levels. Uses a schmitt trigger to avoid relay "chatter" at the trigger point. A PCB-mounted switch converts the circuit from light to dark switching and vice versa. A small trimpot adjusts the light level. The trimpot does not need readjusting when the light/dark switch is moved. (LDR datasheet)

K130 - IR Light Fence/Door Minder Price Photo Docs
Set up an invisible infra-red light beam to monitor doorways or any other area. When the beam is broken a relay (maims rated) is tripped which can be used to sound a bell or alarm. Ideal for customers entering a shop, cars coming up a driveway, etc. Separate transmitter and receiver boards. Transmitter can be powered from receiver board (extra plugs supplied). Uses modulated 38KHz carrier signal. 9-12VDC operation. IR LED and Sensor datasheets.

K191 - 3 Channel RGB LED Controller Price Photo Docs
This kit is a versatile LED control module. It provides 3 high current channels to create light effects for presentations, parties, etc. The module includes preprogrammed light sequences and can be used as a standalone LED controller.A simple command set allows easy module control via a serial interface to your microcontroller or PC. Ideal for use with flexible LED light strips.

Windows software
provides module control from a PC and and is used to create custom user-editable sequences. Use a USB-to-Serial converter or straight-through 9-way serial cable to connect the LED controller to a PC.

Key Features

Operating Voltage		12VDC (nominal)
Channel Current			5A max, 12A max for all 3 channels
LED PWM frequency	480Hz
LED intensity control	250 intensity levels/channel
Comms Interface		Serial RS232 and TTL, 9600 baud, 8N1, no handshaking