Test & Measurement

K1 - Three Digit LED Counter Price Photo Docs
Basic low cost counter. Two or more counter modules may be plugged together with the 6-pin sockets & harness provided. Uses a single-unit 3-digit LED display.and is built around the 14553 & 14551 chips. Box & battery are provided. The separate COUNTER MODULE shows how to use the Kit as a counter. Has COUNT & RESET switches with debounce circuit built in to eliminate problems from noisy switches. 9V battery operation.

K2 - LCD Temperature Meter Price Photo Docs
Introduces 3 1/2 digit LCD and the very popular 7106 IC. This IC has been used in low-cost multimeters for over 13 years. We use it to measure temperature using a ordinary signal transistor as the sensor. Data sheets are provided as is a breadboard area so you can extend the circuit to build your own voltmeter, ammeter, resistance meter or extended-range temperature meter. Takes away the mystery of how multimeters work. Box provided. 9V battery operation.

K23 - Opamp Function Generator Price Photo Docs
Cheap and simple circuit to generate square, (pseudo) sine and triangle waveforms in the audio range. Uses quad opamp LM348.

K61 - 3 1/2 Digit LED Panel Meter Price Docs
Make this general design 3 1/2 digit LED panel meter into your own voltage or current meter. Or customize it to measure input from a transducer. Full details given in the documentation. Separate display PCB. Uses 7107 IC.

K89 - Stereo VU Meter Price Photo Docs
A simple, low cost stereo VU meter. Two LM3915 dot/bar display driver ICs are used to drive 2 rows of 10 LEDs (4 green, 3 yellow, 3 red) in a moving bar display. Each row of LEDs spans a power range of 0-30 dB in ten 3-dB steps. This VU meter indicates "peak music power" when used with audio amplifiers. Ideal add-on for any of the amplifier kits. Dimensions = 65mm x 42mm

K111 - Simple Square Wave Oscillator Price Docs
This simple kit, based on the popular 555 timer IC, generates six preset frequencies - 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz and 100KHz. The output is selected by setting a jumper position. It has a wide operating voltage (5-18V) and even provides visual indication (LED) of the output. A 9V battery snap is provided and a suitable mounting box supplied.

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